Presidential provides a number of commercial exterior maintenance services aimed at keeping buildings looking their best and performing properly.  Presidential will keep your buildings inviting to your employees and customers.   As with all services supplied by Presidential, you can expect a quality relationship designed to meet your needs.

Commercial Landscape Icon

Commercial Landscape Maintenance


Presidential provides your operation with commercial landscaping teams committed to enhance your property’s appearance and image.  From your parking lot entrance to your front door, trust Presidential to optimize your property value and appeal by creating a maintenance schedule perfectly suited to your landscaping needs.

Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance icon

Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance


Presidential provides cost-saving solutions to the parking lot maintenance needs of your shopping center, office complex or industrial park.  These services include parking lot sweeping, power washing of walkways and asphalt maintenance.

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Exterior Signage


We can install and maintain exterior signage.  Maintenance includes bulb changes, cleaning and configuring nighttime lighting timers.

Power Washing Icon

Power Washing


We provide multiple programs for commercial properties.  From graffiti removal to regularly scheduled maintenance, you can trust Presidential to meet your power washing needs.

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Exterior Lighting & Parking Lot Lighting


From replacing light bulbs to upgrading your security lighting, we are your energy-efficient solution.

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Vacant Properties


The care of vacant properties is essential to their future resale and rental value.  Our teams can keep your vacant properties occupant ready.