Presidential’s array of services enhances excellence in performance for commercial property exteriors and interiors. All our cleaning programs draw on exclusive client-customer relationships and are designed to satisfy unique customers needs. We improve and maintain freshness and hygiene inside the building, promoting better health for you, your employees, and customers.

Commercial Landscape Icon

Commercial Landscape Maintenance


From the parking lot to the building entrance, Presidential’s crew optimizes the property creating a powerful visual impact for users. Our experts are like artists approaching a canvas. They cut the grass, plant and tend to flowerbeds, prune trees, and clean the sidewalks to enhance the property value and appearance.

Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance icon

Commercial Parking Lot Maintenance


Our practical and cost-saving solutions for shopping centre, office complex or industrial property parking lot maintenance, include garbage and debris removal, lot sweeping, mending fixtures, power washing walkways, and putting cold patches on asphalt. We also keep an eye out for timed lights to make sure they start on schedule.

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Exterior Signage


Our crews are fully skilled and trained to install and maintain exterior signage in commercial property lots. The service package we offer for this category includes changing and cleaning signage for regular upkeep and longevity. We also configure lighting timers so the signs turn on just as the sun sets.

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Power Washing


Property values are directly impacted by how a building looks on the outside. Your real estate will remain competitive with Presidential’s impressive power-washing package, which easily removes grime and graffiti. Our machines have adjustable psi to apply pressure suitable to temperature requirements and a mobile water supply for uninterrupted cleaning.

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Exterior Lighting & Parking Lot Lighting


Our squad can manage any timed light systems to keep your customers and employees feeling safe and secure as they leave or enter the building. Our team works to replace light bulbs, upgrade your security lighting, and report on any faults. And we do all this using modern energy-efficient solutions.

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Vacant Properties


When Presidential is on the job, no part of the property goes unloved, even the vacant sections of a building will be cleaned and cared for with the same diligence as all other areas. Because we understand that always being occupant ready is essential for resale and rental values.